Don't buy these if you're having a baby: 5 Unnecessary Purchases


 Navigating the realm of essentials versus non-essentials as expectant parents can resemble preparing for a grand event without knowing the guest list or the ropes of hosting. This uncertainty often leads to overbuying, resulting in unnecessary waste. While every baby is unique and their needs vary, let's explore the items I found unnecessary – ones you might reconsider too.

What not to buy if you're having a baby:

1. Moses Basket: A Short-Lived Charm

Though charming, Moses baskets often fall short in longevity. Babies outgrow them swiftly, rendering their usefulness limited. Instead, consider a co-sleeper cot or a bed-nest like a sleepyhead for a more adaptable sleeping arrangement. These options offer proximity and comfort, especially if your little one prefers closeness during sleep.

2. Expensive Cot Sets: Aesthetic Over Safety

While beautifully made nurseries are visually appealing, cot bumpers and intricate bedding pose risks to newborns. Opt for safer alternatives like a travel cot, ensuring both convenience and safety. Your baby's safety outweighs the allure of an elaborate nursery, as they'll soon transition to their own bed.

3. Formula Milk Prep Machine: DIY Convenience

Despite the allure, these machines aren’t essential. Preparing formula manually to the right temperature is simple and quick. A blend of hot and cooled boiled water with measured formula scoops yields the perfect temperature without the need for specialized devices. Trust me, it's efficient and saves you unnecessary expenses. Let’s say for argument’s sake you need 1 fluid ounce of water to one scoop of formula. You’re making 6 ounces. Here’s what you do: Measure out 6 scoops of formula. Add 2 fluid ounces of boiled water to the bottle. Add in all 6 scoops to the boiling water and shake. The boiling water sterilises the formula and kills the germs. Once mixed, you can now add in 4 fluid ounces of cooled boiled water. Shake. Your milk will be warm but not hot, and ready for your baby. NB: you can experiment with different ratios depending on how much milk you are making, you may find that 50% of the water needs to be hot and 50% cold. Either way, make sure you always use exactly the right amount of water for the formula and measure it out first, rather than topping it up to the right amount as you add it in – this is because once the formula is added, the amount in the bottle will rise. 

4. 'Over the Head' Newborn Vests: Simplicity Wins

Invest in baby vests that ease dressing and undressing, avoiding the hassle of pulling over the baby's head. Side-tie or snap-fastening vests simplify changing, especially during those unpredictable messy moments. Prioritize convenience and functionality in your baby's wardrobe.

5. Parenting Help Books: Trust Your Instincts

Amidst a sea of advice, remember, there's no universal guide to parenting. Your instincts are your best compass. Avoid rigid schedules and conflicting advice from books; instead, embrace your intuition and your unique connection with your baby. Trust yourself; you know your baby better than any book ever will.

Parenthood is a journey unique to each family. Trusting your instincts and prioritizing practicality over unnecessary purchases not only saves resources but also fosters a deeper understanding of your baby's individual needs. Now if you're interested in knowing what my post-birth 'must have' items are, you can find them linked here.