Essential Post-Birth Must-Haves: What Every New Parent Needs

Preparing for a new baby often centers around gathering everything for the little one – from cribs to cute outfits. However, amidst the excitement, it's easy to overlook the needs of the most crucial person in this journey: You, the parent. While indulging in self-care treats like massages and scented candles is wonderful, there are bare essentials every new parent should consider, ensuring you're fully equipped for this transformative phase.

 post birth must haves for mums

As a parent currently navigating the initial month with my third child, here are five indispensable items that have been absolute lifesavers this time around:

Hydration on Hand: 

A trusty water bottle with an easy-flow straw has been my constant companion. Staying hydrated is paramount, especially for breastfeeding moms. Hydration aids in recovery and sustains focus during those sleep-deprived days and night feeds. Having water stations on each floor of the house ensures easy access. A spill-resistant straw prevents accidental mishaps, a frequent concern when you're stuck under a sleeping baby or in a room with a fussy little one.

Long Cable Phone Charger: 

Trust me, this is a game-changer. You'll find yourself spending countless hours scrolling through your phone during feeding and comforting sessions. A long cable charger next to your bed and favorite chair downstairs is a sanity-saver, especially with the frequent photo-taking that drains your battery.

Snack Stash: 

Accessibility to snacks is a lifesaver. Breastfeeding requires extra calories, and fatigue can amplify hunger. Having a tray of snacks within reach is a blessing. Mix it up with both healthy options and indulgent treats – because let's be real, skipping the treats only leads to searching for them later. It's okay to treat yourself; after all, you've just brought a new life into the world!

Pillows Galore: 

Investing in a variety of pillows is a wise move. From maternity pillows that support you during rest and feeds to neck pillows for nighttime comfort, these can make a world of difference. Propping up with extra pillows on the bed or sofa can ease discomfort and provide much-needed support.

Oversized Maternity Pads: 

These were a revelation for me after my third child. They may seem ridiculously large, but trust me, they offer unparalleled leak protection, especially at night. When you're already adjusting to a new baby, worrying about inadequate pads is the last thing you need. Opt for the biggest ones available for added peace of mind. These are the maternity pads I used myself and they are a total gamechanger. 

In essence, these five seemingly simple items are invaluable necessities once your little bundle of joy arrives. Prioritizing your own comfort and well-being during this transformative period is as crucial as preparing for your newborn's arrival.